Black On White II: News Items etc.

Articles, news items, liner notes etc. quoted or referred to in this blog

***** Artists, Singers, Groups

[Andre Williams:]
[Bessie Griffin:]
[Bettye Swann:]
[Bonnie Davis & Clem Moorman / The Piccadilly Pipers:]
[»Busty Singers«:]
[Della Reese:]
[Denise LaSalle:]
[Dinah Washington:]
[The Harmonizing Four:]
[James Cleveland:]
[Mavis Staples:]
[The Meditation Singers:]
[Motown Artists:]
[Nina Simone:]
[Ray Charles:]
[The Sweet Inspirations:]
  • Smith, Myrna (of the Sweets): Myrna Smith Interview: EIN (Elvis Information Network), by Piers Beagley, September 2004.
[Tina Turner:]
  • Fast, Susan: »Bold Soul Trickster: The 60s Tina Signifies« in: Laurie Stras (ed.): She's So Fine. Reflections on Whiteness, Femininity, Adolescence and Class in 1960s Music (2010), pp. 203-234 (see the list of books).

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