Saturday, March 26, 2011

Baby Washington, Take 2

Yesterday I was speaking about Baby Washington's LP »With You In Mind« (Veep # 16528) from 1968. And I already said that on the back cover of this album there are several photos showing the singer in a park setting. Now, I didn't want to hold back these photos. They come here with two more songs from Baby Washington's LP: The first is her cover of Etta James's hit »At Last« which highlights Baby Justine's beautiful voice. The second song, »I'm Calling You Baby«, is uptempo and clearly made à la mode. It's not particularly original as a tune, but the funkiest you will find on the LP. Both songs were never released as a single.

Baby Washington: »At Last« from the Veep-LP »With You In Mind« (1968):

Baby Washington: »I'm Calling You Baby« from the Veep-LP »With You In Mind« (1968):


  1. Thank you for this, I loved Baby Washington for many years (thanks to Dusty Springfield who often named her as her favorite singer,so I was intrigued, just to find Springfield could never in a million years sound like this) and even got myself her compilation with "The Hearts" but never knew she have recorded "At Last" - what a beautiful,beautiful jazzy version and who knew she could switch to big band/nightclub sound so easily?

  2. Thanks! And switch she did ... though not often as far as I know ... didn't leave a mark in her career but still ...