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Mid-week Gospel,
with a new video link April 4, 2013 (scroll down)!

Five respectable Ladies, Detroit (?), 1966:

From left: M. Waters, E. Rundless, P. Lyles, V. Beasley, V. Rogers


    The Meditation Singers: »The Lord Is« from the Checker LP # 10019 (1967):


Well ... you haven't heard nothing yet:

    The Meditation Singers: »Don't You Want To Go?« from the Checker LP # 10019 (1967):

Additional information:

The Meditation Singers: Earnestine Rundless (lead vocal), Donna Hammons (lead, not on photo above), Verlene Rogers und Marie Waters (soprano), Patricia Lyles (alto), Victoria Beasley (pianist & arranger). (All names as spelled on the back cover! ... Donna Hammons is actually Donna Hammonds).
According to the back cover the songs were recorded in November 1966 in the Ter Mar Studios, Chicago. However, the preserved songfiles (see here and Cedric J. Hayes'/Robert Laughtons The Gospel Discography 1943-1970, West Vancouver: Eyeball Productions 2007, p. 236) say that both songs were recorded already on August 03, 1966, with the participation of the following musicians: Bryce Roberson (guitar), Louis Satterfield (bass), Morris Jennings Jr. (drums).

* * *
 As of July 2012, a live version of »Don't You Want To Go« was uploaded to Youtube ... you sure wouldn't want to miss it!

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