Monday, May 16, 2011

When There is a Point in Looking

But no, I'm not goin' to have my day ruined by rumulating if will ever restore the contents it removed »temporarily« last week. On the contrary, I've got something to cheer me up ... it goes by the name of »Jody Miller's eyes«.

I already posted this last week (before it was put in the bin by Blogger). I then said that I was in a C&W-mood, or rather, in a specific »Jody Miller«-mood. Not the usual stuff, musicallywise, for this blog. But I'm not dogmatic about it. Thing is, some days ago I got a copy of Jody Miller's Epic LP # 30382 »Look At Mine« which was released in Dec. 1970. I knew the songs already and had seen the front cover of the album before, but what I didn't know was the back cover. And here it is, have a look:

Isn't it beautiful? Gosh. Jody could sing me the phone book of Boston in alphabetical order and I'd still get completely lost. And this terrific shot doesn't come without a reason. The album is entitled »Look At Mine«, same as the title track. If refers to the eyes, her eyes. Among other things. In any case, apart from celebrating Jody's eyes, it's a nice song. I've always liked the clever lyrics: Jody is praising her qualities to a guy who dates another girl, and whatever she mentions is then followed by the playful imperative »look at mine«! Here we go:

Jody Miller: »Look At Mine« from the Epic LP # 30382 (1970):

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