Saturday, August 20, 2011

I Walk the Tightrope

Busy, busy, ... with various things, some nice and entertaining, some others that aren't. However, I wouldn't have this weekend pass without some music to hum and swing along. And to make it easy for today, without many words: I just found the right stuff on the Musicor LP »A Quartet Of Soul« (1967) which was presented on this blog about ten days ago. I then proposed a sinister-sounding, truly unique and beautiful piece of trance-soul ... well, it wouldn't do for today.

From Billboard, March 4, 1967, p. 58
Today, the right sound comes from Inez & Charlie Foxx. They certainly don't need much of an introduction. They did much to popu- larize U.S. soul music in the UK (see the photo from their British tour, taken in Feb. '67), and have become favorites of the Northern Soul scene. Famously, »Mocking- bird« made their name immortal, even though I am prepared to make myself some enemies and to happily defend the claim that Aretha Franklin's version of that song is way better.
     On the Musicor LP »A Quartet Of Soul« we find three songs by Inez & Charlie Foxx, and two of them are actually identical with their first single release on Dynamo (# 102, rel. in March '67). The single didn't chart, but I can't think of two sides on one 45 that deserved it less. They're really infectious! Dig them here:

Inez & Charlie Foxx: »Tightrope« / »Baby Take It All« from the Musicor LP # MS3131 (1967):

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