Sunday, April 08, 2012


J&B LP # 0076 (1986)
This morning, intuition hit me that Geneva Jones's »He's Still Alive« is just the song befitting Easter Sunday. It comes from the 1986 album One Day We'll Be Together Again by Geneva Jones from Vicksburg, Mississippi. To tell the truth, this was one of those LPs you pick up because you're right at it ... and then you discover some really beautiful tunes once you find the time to listen. So it was in this case. Which proves, if proof is needed, that you should always grab what you can because in most cases you won't be sorry you did. On the contrary, you'd be sorry you didn't.
   Geneva Jones is alive and well and still around performing. Her daughter put up a youtube channel, and there you'll easily find some footage of evangelist Jones in action (scroll down to watch one recent video of Mrs Jones). She was 36 when recording this LP and I'm very happy she did. Especially the first songs on Side Two are a fusion of powerhouse blues and gospel ... »gospel« understood here in the broad sense, because »Storms In My Life« isn't a classic »church song«. Rather, it is an autobiographically tainted (as it appears) song speaking about - well, life. It much records tunes by Gladys McFadden (of the Loving Sisters, once and again a cherished presence on this blog). Without doubt, »Storms In My Life« is the very highlight of Geneva Jones's LP. Happy Easter All!

Geneva Jones: »He's Still Alive« / »Storms In My Life« from the J&B LP # 0076 (1986):

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