Sunday, September 25, 2011

Not the Usual

One week ago you could hear something from the LP »The Soul Of .... James Cleveland« (Savoy LP # MG-14068), released in 1962.
This is, by all standards, an interesting album, especially as it contains several unusual ver- sions of very popular songs. I had promised to post some of these, and that's what I do today. In the following, you can listen to »Joshua« and »When The Saints Go Marching In«. Cleveland is innovative here: »Joshua« actually is not the known tune »Joshua Fit The Battle«, but only adapts some of the latter's basic harmonies and key passages from the lyrics. Cleve- land then adds lyrics of his own which stress the relevance of this song for his own time. So, it's really a new song here, inspired by an old tune, and the feel is almost jazzy throughout. The same is true for »When The Saints ...«. Again some liberty, albeit less, with the lyrics and again much jazzy feel. And remember, there is Billy Preston at the organ. Happy Sunday!

James Cleveland: »Joshua« / »When The Saints Go Marching In« from the Savoy LP »The Soul Of James Cleveland« (1962):

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