Thursday, September 22, 2011

For the Road

... days are passing by me right now, with me barely noticing. Got so many things on my mind and more to do. I'm also movin' around fairly much and it's no fun, really. So best I can do today is posting two more songs from the 1971 GWP LP »Soul, Black & Beautiful, Vol. II«. You could already hear two instrumentals from this album on this blog, both by the Pazant Bro- thers. Now, today's songs belong to two funk sistas, Little Rose Little and Betty Barney; Betty recorded most of her stuff (and perform- ed in NYC together) with the Pazant Brothers, notably »Momma, Momma«.

Little Rose Little's tune »Family Tree« is much loved by rare-&-early-funk aficiona- dos. And, yes, I agree, it could have been a nice song, and Little Rose certainly had the voice for it. Unfortunately, the bass line in the song is completely fucked up, the piano doesn't fare much better and it's about one of the worst funk recordings I know of. Sorry to say this. Feel free to think otherwise. You can also listen to the song on Ace # CDBGPD 170. The second song is Betty Barney's »You Want My Lovin'«, first released in 1969 on GWP # 502, then on the 1971 LP. It's been included on another Ace/Kent CD, CDKEND 249. Well, it's a nice song, just so you know.

Little Rose Little: »Family Tree« / Betty Barney: »You Want My Lovin'« from the GWP LP # ST 2041 (1971):

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