Saturday, October 01, 2011

Two Songs for a Saturday Night

Saturday Funk comin' up. Once again from GWP. Two songs, one true gritty sister funk, the other more »poppy and bobby« but still »catchy« (as Ady Croasdell put it).

What you see is the cover of GWP's first volume of Soul, Black & Beautiful, released in 1971 (GWP LP # ST 2037). I posted some stuff from the second volume a short while ago (see here), and in another post you could hear Betty Barney. Twice I already mentioned her monster funk tune »Momma, Momma«. So I thought it past time to post it here. »Momma, Momma« (together with »You Want My Lovin'«) was Betty's only release for GWP, recorded in NYC in April 1969. It then found its way on this LP. I presume most of you know the song. You should, anyhow, and those unfortunate who haven't heard the song before be prepared: from the first chicken-scratchy guitar licks this songs tears down a wall and Betty hollers her heart out.

Betty Barney: »Momma, Momma« from the GWP LP # ST-2037 (1971):

The second song, Debbie Taylor's »Stop«, comes from the second volume. Recorded in 1970, it was her last release for GWP (originally on GWP's Grapevine # 202), uptempo and eminently danceable. Ady Croasdell in his notes to Ace/Kent CD # 326 said that the tune »probably under-utilises Debbie's husky vocals.« I think he is right in that and Debbie could do better. And she would soon after, on Today. You'll hear that soon. And there'll be more about Debbie. For tonight, we gotta STOP!

Debbie Taylor: »Stop« from the GWP LP # ST-2041 (1971):

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