Thursday, October 06, 2011

Second Helping

Jewel LP # 0048 (The Meditation Singers: Change Is Gonna Come) (1971)

Last Sunday I promised to post some more songs from the Meditation Singers' 1971 LP Change Is Gonna Come. This post was sche- duled for yesterday, but you know how things are. So, today is fine as well.
     Today's selections are the two songs »Getting High On The Lord« and »That's My Child«. The first tune was decreed to be one of the standout tracks on the album by a Billboard critic, and this isn't far off the mark. It was also released on Paula # 356 and on Jewel # 167 (devotional series). This funky track is basically an instrumental with a chorus line. Equally minimalistic are the lyrics which take up the song's title in so many few words:
I know what you goin' through,
I know what you need
Get addicted to the Holy Ghost power
It will set you free
That is some message! The second tune, »That's My Child«, has a dramatic begin- ning and Mrs. Rundless hollering and shouting to a frenzy beat. It can't get much funkier than that. The song is a mother's plea, or rather a mother's rage and outcry. Very forceful message as well here. Let me just add that both songs were penned by Andre Williams, as was the entire album except Sam Cooke's »A Change Is Gonna Come«. Listen here:

The Meditation Singers: »Getting High On The Lord« / »That's My Child« from the Jewel LP # 0048 (1971):

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