Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Speaking of Sister Pope ...

mid-week gospel

Over at Record Connexion, a song by Sister Lucille Pope & The Pearly Gates was posted as download for November 2011, »Almighty God« (Vee-Jay, 1964). The month before, there was another song by the same ensemble, »Highway« (actually the B- side of Checker # 5004, from 1964).

As there are only a few '60s recordings by Sister Pope & The Pearly Gates, I thought I might supply another one here, viz. the A-side of Checker # 5004, »Jesus Tore My Heart To Pieces«. In contrast to »Highway«, which features Larry Blivens (uncredited) as lead singer, it's the voice of Lucille Pope on the A-side. (For completeness' sake, you can hear also »Highway« below.) I love the rhythmic complexity of both songs which is particularly evident at the beginnings.

You'll find a lot of information about Lucille Pope (and some of her later Nashboro recordings) at Red Kelly's Holy Ghost Blog: see here and here. There's also news about Lucille Pope's recent performances, together with some interesting readers' comments. ... and well, by the way, I think that »The Pearly Gates« (Revelation 21:21!) is just one of the most charming names for a gospel outfit ever!

Sister Pope & The Pearly Gates (*feat. Larry Blivens):
»Jesus Tore My Heart To Pieces« / *»Highway« on Checker # 5004 (1964):

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  1. What a rhythmically interesting song - and she really has a fine voice. Thanks for posting this, H.M.S.