Monday, May 28, 2012

Dried Up

Hmm, as most of you will have realized by now, one of our beloved upload facilities, and unfortunately the one I am using, has been down since two days ... it looks rather serious and who knows when things will get back to normal. Until then, this blog is pretty much dried up ...

Best thing I can do for now is to direct your attention to a relative newcomer on the neo-soul scene (or whatever you like to call it), who is not, like for example Nina Zilli, a complete clone of the late Amy Winehouse and gifted with only a mediocre voice ... I am speaking of Y'Akoto, who is most promising and had her first album out some months ago. Chances are that she's not yet known in the US, so I might as well hype her up a bit. So take a look at this video:

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