Friday, May 25, 2012

... What's Not To Be Done

Give me a list of what's not to be done and I'll start doin' it today ... unfortunately, my list of things to do contained only stuff to be done immediately ... so this blog went into something of an extended spring break which then lasted for about six weeks, much longer than I anticipated. Suffice it to say that, apart from profes- sional activities, I was still busy with moving, painting walls (in an apartment I left towards the end of April), looking for new furniture ... not to speak of my LPs and 45s which, in their boxes, are waiting to find a new home on the wall.

However, things are moving (literally & metaphorically), and somehow today felt right for re-opening this blog. Let's hope I can keep it up ... Shirley Ellis's 1963 B-side »Give Me A List« shall remind me that there'll be days coming less filled with frenzied activity ... and maybe even the day when my list will tell me only what's not to be done! Shirley's song comes together with her chart-breaker, »The Nitty Gritty«, recorded in September '63 and climbing up the charts in early 1964, making it into the Top Ten pop. The 45 was out in late October '63.

From Billboard, Nov. 9, 1963
I still like the B-side of this 45 better than the famous A-side, because the sound quality of Shirley's Nitty Gritty isn't exactly fabu- lous. (If somebody knows whether her version of »Nitty Gritty« is a fake live recording actually produced in the studio, please tell me; I have always suspected that and remember having read so one day, but don't remember where it was). Still, Shirley's second single was her first big success and paved her way for more to come. Enjoy!

Shirley Ellis & the Hutch Davie Orchestra and Chorus:
»Give Me A List« / »The Nitty Gritty« on Congress # CG-202 (1963):



  1. That's a fun one. Could almost be my theme song. . . .

  2. Hail, thou brother in fate!