Monday, March 26, 2012

Barbara Lynn, Live '64

In early summer 1964, Barbara Lynn's infectious »Oh! Baby (We Got A Good Thing Goin')« was released. Now, some of you may not have heard the live version of that song recorded in the Uptown Theatre of Philadelphia on July 24, 1964 (from Atlantic LP # 8101). In fact, Barbara's live version is much rawer than the single version which was put out on Jamie ... without horn section the tune comes across in a considerably less polished way than the 45 version. Btw, Barbara is introduced by Jimmy Bishop.

Just the right track for a Monday night. Enjoy!

Barbara Lynn: »We Got A Good Thing Goin'«
from the Atlantic LP # 8101 (1964) (live):

That night in Philadelphia Barbara Lynn performed two more songs which were recorded but unfortunately never released.
   There is a nice summary of her career, by Michael Corcoran, here: True Heroes of Texas Music, Part II (you have to scroll down a bit).
   And, why not, just let's have a photo of Barbara Lynn here, together with her guitar ... it is taken from the cover of Atlantic LP # 8101 and shows her, presum- ably, during the concert at the Uptown:


  1. "How 'bout it for Barbara Lynn, she was just great wasn't she!" Well, yes indeedy. And what a great version of this song, the loping rhythm is just perfect for her percussive guitar . . . and oh, her wonderful singing; the lack of horns really allows her to deliver. Never heard this live version before and I'm glad I did. Thanks. . . .

  2. Don't mention it ... I added a scan of the lower right corner of the album cover showing Barbara and her percussive guitar in action!

  3. I saw Barbara play live a couple of weeks ago. She's still magic.

  4. I bet she is! Would love to see her play live ...