Thursday, March 15, 2012


Two days ago Jimmie & Vella made their ap- pearance on this blog and I decided that they won't leave it, for the moment, without an encore. Now, since their '72 LP is a master- piece from beginning to the end, the choice of today's song was a hard one. Eventually I chose the most lyrical, poetical if you like, tune of the album, maybe also the one musically most accomplished. Its title is simply »Rain«, befitt- ing the seeming simplicity of the song. It runs for well over 7 minutes and was therefore never released as single. And, as you will hear, the song doesn't convey a mood normally associated with rain and downpour. On the contrary, I found it very con- sonant with the cloudless sky which today announced the beginning of spring over the town where I live. No more said. Be carried away ... and search out this album to listen to all its sonic jewels!

Jimmie & Vella: »Rain« from the Atlantic LP # SD 8301(1972):

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