Wednesday, March 21, 2012

More from the Gospel Queen of Alabama

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Ten days ago I wrote a post covering everything I know about Emma Tucker (which is little enough). Today, two more things: First, over on Dave's Jukebox you can listen to Emma Tucker's Nashboro # 793, released around October 1963 and feat- uring »I Don't Have To Worry« w/ »Something To Tell Jesus«.

Second, below you can listen to her Nashboro # 45-860, released in or around June 1965. There are two songs, both credited to Emma Tucker: »You Should Have Been There« and »I'll Reach My Home«.

I couldn't track the lyrics of the first tune anywhere else, so the song may well be an Emma original; other songs by the same title were recorded by several gospel outfits, but I do not know them. As to the music, we have a groovy swing here, with the chorus (»I'm Satisfied«) being much reminiscent of the »Night 'n' Day« refrain in Ray Charles's »(Night Time Is) The Right Time«! (Personnel of backing group is unknown). The second tune, »I'll Reach My Home«, takes its first lines from the traditional hymn known as »Travelin' On«. There is some information about this hymn in Olivia & Jack Solomon (eds.): "Honey in the Rock". The Ruby Pickens Tartt Collection of Religious Folk Songs from Sumter County, Alabama, Macon 2002. This is what you'll find there (and see more here: Ruby Pickens Tartt, 1880-1974):

Emma Tucker: »You Should Have Been There« / »I'll Reach My Home« on Nashboro # 45-860 (1965):

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