Thursday, January 12, 2012

Born in Naples ... (uhm, the one in Texas)

This post was written with Mitt »We-Don't-Need-Europe« Romney's
recent babblings in mind ...

Today's featured album: Curtis Jones, Now Resident in Europe (Blue Horizon # 7703).

Curtis Jones (piano): »I Want To Be Your Slave« from the Blue Horizon LP # 7703 (1968):

The album was recorded at Tony Pike Studios, London, July 2, 1968.
Curtis Jones, from Naples, Tx, died 1971 in Munich, Germany. He had been living since 1962 in Europe and also spent a couple of years in Morocco.

His most famous song is »Lonesome Bedroom Blues« (1937) which is accessible on CD (see here).
His grandparents were slaves. There is a piece on the Blue Horizon album that has Curtis Jones speaking about his life, followed by the song »Soul Brother Blues«:

Curtis Jones talks about himself and plays guitar (1968):

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