Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Hit the Keys, Olivia!

mid-week gospel

Four days of the new year have passed and I feel already the need to calm down and relax. I expected it only for the sixth day or so. Whatever.

There's been little piano playing on this blog lately (in truth, there never was that much).
I gonna change this today. And I am happy to announce that the fabulous Olivia Branch Walker of Houston, TX, will enrich this blog pianowise. I couldn't think of anyone better, really. I have no idea to how many of you she is known because I know her only from a (relativ- ely spurious) album from 1986, entitled New Life (Shurfine Gospel LP # 55031). I can say without exaggeration that this is one of the albums that still impresses me immensely and I've been very fond of it ever since. The songs on it are much varied in style, and Olivia is just such a terrific singer and ... piano player.

One of the highlights of this album (yes, there are several of them!) is Olivia's 5-minute-plus version of »Po' Pilgrim« (aka »Poor Pilgrim Of Sorrow« or also »A City Called Heaven«). But it's such an intense experience that you'll need kind of a prelude. So listen before to Olivia's version of »Tell It«, a stomping blues-boogie. Both songs were recorded live (not all songs on this album were). Hit it, Olivia!

Olivia Branch Walker: »Tell It« / »Po' Pilgrim« from the Shurfine Gospel LP # 55031 (1986):

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