Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Push the Button

Oh well, read the postscript before going any further ...
My car stereo has a curious feature: if a song starts playing (CD or mp3), you can push the main button during the first 20 secs or so. What then happens is that the song will stop and the previous tune (not the tune just started) gets repeated. You may ask what's it good for? Listen to the song below. It's this song that keeps me pushing this button on my car stereo for days now. I am actually waiting for the moment I get annoyed. It hasn't happened so far. BTW, it's Esther Phillips with Eddie Floyd's song »Til My Back Ain't Got No Bone« (first done by William Bell in 1971, I think) - from her first Kudu LP:

POSTSCRIPT, the day after: I wondered whether I had a scotch or two when I wrote the above lines yesterday! Well, I hadn't ... but you wouldn't guess it from my meandering mumblings. I think I just wanted to say that I love that song !!!


  1. This song keeps me coming back to your blog again and again - thank you very much for sharing it!!!

  2. You're welcome! It's really a great performance by Esther AND her band, isn't it? Perfectly orchestrated, perfect as to the vocals. I love it! -- and very nice that you do as well!