Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesday's Twosome # 10-11

Folks, there'll be no fussing around today because I'm pretty tired. Just two plain old classics, »I'm Satisfied« and »Something You Got« by Maxine Brown & Chuck Jackson. Famously, »Something You Got«, recorded in NYC in February 1965, was rushed out in March or early April and proved to be their biggest hit (r&b # 10) ever. »I'm Satisfied«, released later that year on Wand # 1109, didn't chart. In order to capitalize on the success of »Some- thing You Got«, Scepter put together (and in July released) an entire album (Wand LP # 669) which at least had the memory word »Something« in its title.
The strategy worked better than expected but eventually backfired: at the end of August '65 only »something« had caught the general attention, with Billboard announcing the LP wrongly as »Say Something« (see excerpt). So it was, it seems, something like a »Something Something« album. In the meantime, Maxine Brown was pictured in the contemporary press together with -- no, not Chuck Jackson but Jackie Wilson! (See the photo from Jet magazine, July 29 issue, below).

Chuck Jackson & Maxine Brown: »I'm Satisfied« / »Something You Got« from the Wand LP # 669 (1965):

* * *
(Photo from Jet magazine, July 29, 1965)

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