Friday, April 19, 2013

Putting the Best ...

... right on this blog, this is the idea. Lately I couldn't keep it up as I would have liked because I was much active over on the pages of the 45cat and then I had to somehow flesh out my Youtube channel. However, there is always time for a nice Friday night song or two.

For reasons that take too long to explain I wanted to play a New York record tonight. (I hope you made it to the opera in time!). Tough choice, so I looked into my Calla crate and first thing I fished out was a Jean Wells record (well, this wasn't much of a surprise!). And better still, it was her first record for Calla and her first (moderate) chart hit, »After Loving You b/w Putting The Best On The Outside« released in March 1967. Florida-born Jean Wells had a string of hits on Calla, and her first 45 A side entered the charts in May and eventually peaked at #31 r&b.

Since the flip side will make your rusty bones rattle more than the A side (and may also be less known) it does provide just the perfect Friday night track. »After Loving You« (which is a haunting song the more often you listen to it) is more of a Saturday morning song ... but this might be just as fine! Have a good time y'all!

Jean Wells: »Putting The Best On The Outside« / »After Loving You« on Calla # 128 (1967):

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