Monday, April 01, 2013

Sign In with Sister Soul

Lucy Rodgers, often billed as »Sister Soul« (and here and then also as »Lucy Rogers«), had only LP out, to my best knowledge. It was released at some point towards the end of 1967, on the Checker label. Simply self-titled, this LP (Checker # 10034) is a very satisfying mix of bluesy spiritual songs, church hymns and well-arranged gospel fare, both uptempo and non. It is one of the lesser known LPs of the Checker Gospel series, but it does merit a little more attention really.

The career of Lucy Rodgers is known only sketchily; I'll have some more info about her in tomorrow's post. (I am still traveling, so today's post is somewhat short ...)

For today, let's hear Lucy Rodgers with the beautiful hymn »The Failure's Not In God«, followed by the Opera-like and maybe slightly over-produced »Sign My Name«: heavily orchestrated, heading towards a forceful climax and ending with a final flourish. It is the longest piece on the LP and certainly the one that stands out most.
A blessed Easter Monday to all of you!

Lucy Rodgers: »The Failure's Not In God« / »Sign My Name« from the Checker LP # 10034 (1967):

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