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The Recordings of Lucy Rodgers

... I'm late again with continuing a topic raised in a former posting. However, in this specific case it wasn't just changed plans that caused a delay, I also came to discover that researching gospel singer Lucy Rodgers is pretty difficult and leads only to less than satisfying results, at least for the moment being. But before going into dry details you merit some kind of musical treat. So, in the following you can listen to Lucy Rodgers's fabulous performance with »Days Past And Gone«.

Lucy Rodgers: »Days Past And Gone« from the Checker LP # 10034 (1967):

Back to the dry facts. First, Lucy Rodgers was billed under a myriad of names and it's only a small exaggeration to say that she appears on every record differently. Apart from »Sister Soul« she also surfaces as »Lucy Rogers« (spelled without the d and in all cases known to me probably typoed by mistake or negligence), making it difficult to track her records. She had several groups accompanying her and she sang also with her family. What seems certain is that she did only one LP, viz. Checker # 10034 in 1967. When researching her 45-discography, something which proved more complicated than I anticipated, I finally came up with this listing:

(T e n t a t i v e)    L u c y    R o d g e r s    S i n g l e s    D i s c o g r a p h y

(1) »Man In The City Pt. 1 b/w Man In The City Pt. 2« on Halo #09 (a One-Derful subsidiary out of Chicago), probably from 1964 (or 1965). Billing: »Lucy Rogers Singers«, personnel: Lucy Rodgers, Edna Thomas, Virginia Riley and Geneva Dudley. You can find detailed info for this record and label scans in the Royce-Darden Gospel Music Collection.

(2) »I Have One More River b/w I'm Fighting For My Rights« on St. Lawrence #1015, from 1966. Billing is: »Sister Soul & The Lucy Rodgers Singers«. (B side is a song composed by Erma Franklin.)

(3) »Time Is Drawing Nigh b/w I Surrender All« on Checker #5028, released in summer 1967 but maybe recorded back in 1966. Billing: »Sister Soul & The Lucy Rodgers Singers«.

*At this point, Hayes-Laughton list three unreleased Checker masters, rec. c.July 1967: »In My Father's House«, »Just Like My God« and »Jesus Lover Of My Soul«.

(4) »I Found A Friend (yes, this is the plug side!) b/w Let The Train Roll Easy« on Checker # 5042, out in late autumn 1967, billing: »Lucy Rodgers«. Both songs also on Checker LP 10034.

(5) »Why Don't You Hold On b/w Something Within Me« on Saint #1102, rec. in 1967 in Chicago and probably released in 1968. A side appears on Checker LP # 10034 as »Hold On«.

(6) »The Day Is Passed And Gone b/w My Soul Needs Resting« on Saint Lawrence 705, billing: »Lucy Rodgers (A side) / Lucy Rodgers & The Angelic Choir (B side)«.

(7) »He's Been Good b/w The Blood Of Jesus« on Rush #2719, billing: »Lucy Rodgers Singers«, personnel includes Edna Thomas.
(8) »Live For My Lord b/w Our Heavenly Home« on Mayo #401; billing uncertain.
For these last two 45s my only source of information is Hayes-Laughton's Gospel Discography. No release dates, late 60s or early 70s.

(9) »Pray A Little Longer b/w Rain« on One-Way # 301, a Chicago-based label. Billing: »Lucy (Sister Soul) Rodgers«. Released in 1975, this record is a marvelous performance.   H e a r   t h e   f u n k y  A  s i d e   b  e l o w !

(10) »Old Landmark b/w I Don't Know What I'll Do Without The Lord« on Angel Joy #7003, billing: »Lucy Rodgers (Sister Soul) and Family« (»Rodgers« spelled on A side label without d, »Rogers«!). Release date is unknown, but the record looks like 70s or early 80s. See more details and label scans in the Royce-Darden Gospel Music Collection.

That's about it. I feel that something is still missing, but the above list comprises all what I could find until now. As always, you are invited to contribute more info or correct mistakes!
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