Sunday, April 07, 2013

The Bluesy Side ...

... of Lucy Rodgers. Oh yes I know, I never chose songs from the same record three times in a row (and won't do it again soon). But there are two good reasons for doing it this time. First, I got many new disks during the last days and can't keep up with ordering and sort of catalogizing them. This is the less good reason, however. The truly good reason is that Lucy Rodgers's Checker LP is just so versatile that it doesn't suffice to play one or two songs. She offers all here, a caleidoscope of uptempo gospel shouters, intense hyms, operatic pieces and bluesy sacred grooves. And all tunes are worth listening to! So, really, Lucy Rodgers's LP does stand apart from much of the more conventional stuff in the field of sacred music, and Checker already was able to maintain high standards with the Gospel LP series. And by the way, the Subliminal Kid kindly suggested to me a while ago to play entire records here, which I could have done easily with this fabulous Checker LP. I thought about it but eventually felt it to be contrary to the purposes of this blog, also because when starting it I decided (as kind of a personal guideline) not to play entire LPs.

Said this, be captivated by the bluesy side of Lucy Rodgers ...
Happy Sunday all!

Lucy Rodgers: »Life's Evening Sun« / »I'm Fighting For My Rights« from the Checker LP # 10034 (1967):

* * *

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