Saturday, March 23, 2013

B. L. Night ... Cont'd

... she had a #01 r&b hit, something which, to name but a few, Tina Turner (with and without Ike), Carla Thomas, Laura Lee or Maxine Brown didn't manage.
    She's one of the few r&b female singers to play an instrument, and she wrote many of her songs.
    She was 70 last January, and she's still active.
    Her first LP, from October 1962, is a landmark album of the 60's.
    No need even to name her, because you know whom I am speaking about.

    Here are several nice photographs of her, some of which are only rarely seen on the net:

And she recorded some, well, quirky songs, so let's not forget about those ...

Barbara Lynn: »Dina And Petrina« / »Second Fiddle Girl« from the Jamie LP # 3023 (1962):

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  1. Two more of my Barbara Lynn favorites here. But then you could just post the entire You'll Lose A Good Thing LP and get no complaints! —BB