Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Tuesday's Twosome # 19

... tonight with Billy & Betty, from 1968.

I know that the guy is Billy Miller (which is not more than a name to me, however), but I don't know who the gal is. Their single was released, as far as we know, in 1968, on Sag Port # 100/101. That's about all I know; maybe there is somebody out there who can tell us more.

And yes, I did another thing which, I am sure, some of you will find heretical: I produced a stereo edit of the groovy songs (the originals on my copy are mono). I just felt that these tunes gain much by it. I am not a mono aficionado, at least not one of the dogmatic kind, and I basically think that, if done properly, stereo is superior to mono, even if produced artificially from a mono recording. I will not argue on that point! You just like the idea or you don't. Said this ... here are two great dance groovers:

Billy & Betty:  »I Need Some Kind Of Something« / »Talking Bout You Baby« on Sag Port # 100/101 (1968) (STEREO EDIT):

* * *

Dear M., I am glad to oblige! Here are the original mono versions:


  1. You're right, HMS - I've only listened to the first song so far, but it's great! I'd love to hear what the mono version sounds like in order to compare them and to see what difference stereo makes to it.

  2. See above!!
    Btw, you beat me for the nice "ad free" button over at your place ... actually I was inspired by yours in the first place but JB is helluva improvement as against old Einstein ...!

  3. Well, looking more closely .. is it JB after all??