Thursday, March 21, 2013

Jubilee, Jubilee!

This is nothing less than...
he 200th post on this blog!

With some bad and a lot of good times, this blog has made it into its 26th month and reached its 200th post. I had many glorious ideas, all discarded eventually, what I would write tonight. In the end, I settled for an unashamed display of self-complacency. Thus I went through the pages of this blog and concocted sort of a chart list of the best stuff I put online. Needless to say that these mini-charts are exclusively based on my own peculiar likings, but that's what blogs are all about. This is what I came up with, three in each category ... and phew, choices were hard:

B E S T   V O C A L   P E R F O R M A N C E S

 *** Della Reese (with the Meditation Singers)

 ***Rheta Hughes

***Mildred Lane (with the Patterson Singers)
»He Won't Fail You« (1968)

S O N G S   I   S I M P L Y   L I K E   M O S T

***Esther Phillips

***Fontella Bass

***Etta James

 G R O O V I E S T   S O N G S

***Fontella Bass & Bobby McClure

***Shirley Ellis

***Mavis Staples
»Good To Me« (1969)

F A V O R I T E   S A C R E D   T U N E S

***Holmes Sisters

***The Meditation Singers
»The Lord Is« (1967)

***Gladys McFadden & The Loving Sisters' Sons

Thanks to all those who contributed to this blog by writing comments or getting in contact with me!

I wish you all the best. Keep tuned in to this blog.

... to conclude, the following song comes just for the fun of it, and what fun it is! The incomparable Sugar Pie DeSanto, usually appearing barefeet on stage and famously leaving her high heel sneakers in the locker ('cause they hurt her toesies so bad). This tune was first presented in Billboard on a 21st of March which is a nice coincidence ... from 1964 and just as fresh and peachy as when it was recorded.

Sugar Pie DeSanto: »Slip-In Mules (No High Heel Sneakers)« on Checker # 1073A (1964):

* * *

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