Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Nothing, Nothing at All ...

... after hours trying to get proper access to divshare, I've had it now! Things are not going well at divshare, it seems, because for several days divshare links were loading only very slowly, and now the site is practically down. Let's see what happens next ... have a nice evening all!


  1. Mine's working right now, howbeit slowly. And it's been spotty all day, very slow loading, or working normally. And last night I noticed all the players disappeared. And DivShare keeps advertising a big announcement forthcoming!?

  2. Right now I the site seems to work normally ... the problem yesterday was that the page providing the skins for embedding would not open; the other pages took about 3-5 minutes to finally show. And yes, some of the players (not all though) were not visible, but that kept changing too ... Of the divshare plans, whatever they may be, I know nothing.