Sunday, March 17, 2013

Toiling On

... while we were on it, some days ago, let's have today some more of the East St. Louis Gospelettes!
     First, by way of catharsis, there is a vocal tour de force by Frances Moore with the well- known song »Keep Toiling On«. That song, or rather Frances's performance, knocks me flat. And the song's got one of the grooviest church organs I've ever heard.
     Second, by way of regeneration, you may relieve your tensity by swinging along to »If I Had My Way« ... you have to wait for the latter half of the song until it really takes off but the whole package is worth listening.
Happy Sunday all!

The East St. Louis Gospelettes (feat. Frances Moore):
»Keep Toiling On« / »If I Had My Way« from the Nashboro LP # 7220 (1980):

* * *

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