Monday, March 11, 2013

One of my favorite songs

... tonight, I updated some older posts (one of them substantially) because I came across new material that couldn't be ignored. So there is no time left to write anything new ... to make the best of it, I simply post one of those songs which, many years ago, opened my way into the soul universe. It has remained one of my favorite songs and I still consider it one of the greatest tunes ever recorded. And as with many of O.V. Wright's songs, it has memorable lyrics ... just think of »if I get lonely, I can spin the nickel – th'nail won't spin« ... has there ever been said some- thing remotely comparable to express utter destitution? ... from 1971

O.V. Wright: »A Nickel And A Nail« on Back Beat #622A (1971):

* * *

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